Daily Workout
Technique Training: Squat Clean 5×2. 12 min. Partner up.
Partner Battle Plan
For Time: 20 min cap. 
50 Squat Clean Thrusters for time. Split reps between two people. One person works until they have to rest. Note, the weight should be heavy enough that 5 unbroken reps is challenging and forces you to rest. 
Then w/ partner complete the following. Split reps with partner. One person works while the other rests. Resting partner must hold bumper plate over head for other partner’s reps to count.
7 Rounds of:
20 Jumping Lunges 
20 Chin Ups
40 Med Ball Sit Ups 
*Note. Reps are split between partner 
“May all things happen according to your will,” is a greeting frequently exchanged during Chinese New Year. As wonderful as that may sound, events turn out best when God’s will plays out and not mine. Given a choice, Joseph would not have wished to be a slave in Egypt (Gen. 39:1). But despite his captivity, [...]


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“Physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things holding promise for this life and the life to come.” 1Timothy4:8 NIV